Flats Boats – 3 Reasons You’ll Love ‘Em

The "Skinny" on Spyder's Skiffs

Flats Boats: 3 Reasons You’ll Love ‘Em

Are you thinking of purchasing a flats boat? We’re confident that you’ll love a Spyder and here are three quick reasons why.

1) Break New Ground

Every good angler has a list of spots they can’t wait to explore. Call it a primordial hunch or experience but that instinct and burning desire to find the next honey hole is always present. The problem, many of those hidden sweets spots are just too shallow or maybe your boat is just loud. Either way, the solution which so many Spyder owners have come to understand is that their flats boat can quietly navigate into those hidden, shallow places undetected. A Spyder flats boat is right at home in mere inches of water…fish beware!

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2) Fishing Friendly

If you’ve never fished a Spyder flats boat, then you haven’t experienced the large deck platforms that allows you to cast without hindrance. Below the large deck you’ll find smartly placed rod storage and wells which conserve space and help you to fish without obstruction. In the rear, the addition of poling platform lets you play spotter while quietly moving to the bite.

3) Affordable Price

Spyder flats boats are light weight which lowers the need for larger power options and saves energy with less fuel consumption. Couple fuel economy with a reasonable price and you’ll get the benefit of an affordable fish buster without the big bite to your wallet.

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